There is a word, riad, that gives its name in Morocco to this type of
establishments dedicated to the accommodation of guests in manor houses rehabilitated, many of them by Europeans established in Morocco or with thought of doing it after retirement, as is the case of the little hotel that concerns us: Casa Perleta.
It is a Spanish, Galician living in Catalonia (hence the name
del riad), who decided to purchase and renovate this beautiful house located in Chaouen’s medina and turn it into a charming little hotel.

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I would like to dedicate a few lines to what was our base of operations in Chaouen, Casa Perleta. Its name gives away the fact that its owners are not Moroccan but Spanish. Perleta is “perlita” in Catalan. This typical Chaouen house of blue color and a small courtyard in the center that brings to mind the Andalusian houses was the best possible entrance to the city. Decorated with the best traditional craftsmanship, spacious rooms, and a little terrace on the roof where to relax with a good tea… The best way to start any expedition to Chaouen. That was the place where we recharged our batteries for the whole day.

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Thanks to the regular influx of hash tourists, there is a plethora of hostels and other budget accommodations in town, but I preferred Casa Perleta, run by a lively and supremely helpful Spanish woman named Begoña. Like other hotels, it was built around a leafy central courtyard and decorated with traditional Moroccan furniture, patterns, and lanterns. Our room was cool and effortlessly welcoming, with a low couch in the front sitting area.
Breakfast was served on the shaded roof terrace, a hillside of cyan and Prussian blue houses stretching out before a spread of olives and olive oil, fresh feta cheese, jam, and Moroccan doughy treats, including sfenj. Chefchaouen is not known for adventurous dining; most of the dozen or so restaurants serve the same medley of tagines, lamb meatballs, and harira soup

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Casa Perleta is a beautiful boutique hotel of the classic Andulusan Architecture of the area. Each of the 8 rooms are beautifully decorated with touches of local art and tapestries. There is a stunning rooftop restaurant to enjoy a leisurely breakfast of fresh breads, homemade jams, fruit and mint tea. There is also a beautiful courtyard downstairs to enjoy some afternoon mint tea and catch up on some reading.

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Casa Perleta is one of those hotels that is conveniently located in the heart of a beutiful and historical city. One only has to step outside and start exporing the streets of Chefchaouen. Indeed, the hotel is the perfect place to stay amidst an unforgettable travel experience.

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Chefchaouen is known as the blue city of Morocco. If you’re staying here for the night, how about staying in a riad that’s been renovated from an old mansion? At the riad “Casa Perleta”, which seems to have melted into the blue city, the warm hospitality of the staff keeps repeaters coming! It has won the Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice Hotel Award 2016, supported by travelers from all over the world. This time, let’s approach the charm of such Casa Perleta.

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